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ACPS-Network is a science-based CRO that provides customised services for the early clinical development of new drug substances and drug products


There are many ways to meet complex challenges. Some are wrong, some may prove right. But there is one way that suits you best …

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CT Management

Clinical trials (CT) are the ultimate test of a development hypothesis. They ought to serve a tangible worthwhile purpose. It would be a waste if they don’t …

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CT Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance of clinical trials is distinct from that for authorised products. It hast its own rules and thus requires its own dedicated expert solutions …

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Teaching & Training

Good people get better if they are encouraged to jump beyond their self-imposed limits …

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Medical writing

The brilliance of an argument is measured by its impact; its impact depends on how it is communicated …

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ACPS' Library

Precious, but free of charge writings, readings, links, tips & tricks in the field of CT-management, GxP-Compliance, CT-Pharmacovigilance, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, …

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OUR Commitment

to provide CRO-services that meet the highest content (scientific excellence) and format (compliance) standards time- and cost-efficiently

Latest from our library


Authorisation of multi-origin (generic) drugs is based on the argument of equivalence vs. the originator. To this purpose. clinical therapeutic equivalence studies …

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Going on-line!

September 2017, ACPS celebrated its 20th anniversary. Time to look back, time to look forward. In consequence we rethought our focus and …

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CT-Pharmacovigilance Manual

Pharmacovigilance (PV) of authorised medicinal products is regulated by a series of regulations, directives, laws and guidelines. These rulings do not relate …

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