What is ACPS about?

and why we make a difference

ACPS (Applied Clinical Pharmacology Services) is a small-size, science-based CRO specialized in the early clinical development of new drug substances and drug products. Launched Sep-1997, ACPS originally covered the full scope of services in applied clinical pharmacology: consulting, clinical trial design & management, medical writing, teaching & training.

Since mid-2019, ACPS now mainly operates as Senior Applied Clinical Pharmacology Consultant for strategic, scientific, logistic, and regulatory challenges in early clinical development.

Pursuant on this refocus, our website is being restructured as free of charge Applied Clinical Pharmacology Information Platform that provides support for professionals in early clinical development.


ACPS was launched in 1997 by Associate Professor Dr. med. Christian de Mey as a multi-disciplinary network of scientific, regulatory, administrative and logistic experts in Applied Clinical Pharmacology.

Throughout 2019, ACPS was restructured, resized and refocused on mainly providing Applied Clinical Pharmacology Consultancy in early clinical development.


ACPS’ Central Operations are based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

2000-2017 ACPS also had a permanent affiliate in Sofia, Bulgaria. In this way, ACPS contributed to the development of outstanding trial resources in Bulgaria. During these years, ACPS also collaborated closely with clinical sites in Hungary and Romania. We still call upon these sites if and as needed. We also have qualified and collaborated with various sites in other countries and regions.

In this way, we can advise sponsors on i) how to place their trials at the best-suited sites in the best-suited region and ii) how to account for local strengths and weaknesses by means of a well-designed Quality Risk Management Plan.

In addition, we have experience working in very different and challenging regulatory environments. In this way, we can help sponsors prevent or resolve hiccups when dealing with remote regulatory agencies.


ACPS does not operate its own research clinics but has established dedicated alliances with well-qualified study clinics in Western-, Eastern- and South-eastern-EU. In this way, we can propose well-qualified study Sites and Investigators that best suit the specific requirements of our Sponsors.

PD Dr. med. Christian De Mey

Expert in Applied Clinical Pharmacology
Christian De Mey

Christian De Mey

CEO & Founder

Born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium, I completed my medical training and training in Internal Medicine at Antwerp University (RUCA & UIA).

Since 1984 I reside in Germany where I completed my training in Clinical Pharmacology (J. W. Goethe University, Frankfurt).

Since 1981 I work in applied clinical pharmacology and drug development: first in Industry (Squibb, Smith Kline & French), then in Contract Research (ZekaPha, IPHAR) and now at ACPS (Applied Clinical Pharmacology Services), which I founded in 1997 here in Mainz-Kastel/ Wiesbaden.

2017 ACPS celebrated its 20th anniversary. Time to look back. Time to look forward. Looking forward meant adjusting our focus. Accordingly, we redesigned launched a new website to reach out with a clear message: at ACPS we are dedicated to bringing clinical pharmacology “to the point…” i.e. to make it work in a way that matters.

2019 I struggled through a series of medical problems, all benign, but not without causing pain, discomfort, stress and anxiety. Now one year later, I am doing fine, eager to go back to things less futile and more inspiring than my diet and digestion.

This is not just a business; this is about being a dedicated professional who likes what he does (passionately) and is not yet tired of the many exciting challenges this involves.