Teaching & Training

The increasing complexity of the clinical development of novel drug products demands high-level qualification and expertise of all parties involved and at all levels of the management of clinical plans and the planning, conduct, and reporting of clinical trials.

Irrespective of our professional background training, most of us learn the job by just doing it. This works if well guided and supported by expert training.

Continuous training is a GCP-mandate. In consequence, many resources have become available that provide excellent training opportunities. However, most of these trainings are targeted on how to do things i.e. on formal topics.

We like to take our trainees one important step further: to understand why we do things in a certain way. To this purpose we have created a series of training modules on Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Bioavailability & Bioequivalence, Pharmacovigilance for Clinical Trials, Good Clinical Practice, Good Documentation Practice (TMF-management), etc.

We provide such training at various levels and for various audiences.

In addition, the ACPS-Library holds several writings that address the many challenges of our field and how best to meet them.