Medical writing

ACPS provides customised services for medical writing:
SWOT-reports, Investigator Brochures (IB), Clinical Trial Protocols (CTP), Clinical Trial Reports (CTR), Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSUR), regulatory Overviews (M2.4 & M2.5), regulatory Summaries (M2.6 & M2.7), regulatory Briefing Documents, Monographies, Publications, etc.

Also, ACPS provides services for the design of digital and paper forms and logs for clinical trial management and trial documentation.

In addition, in collaboration with ATELIER DE MEY, ACPS provides customised services  for the design and the management of Webpages for clinical trial management (eCTM) and develops interactive PowerPoint presentations for the guidance and training of investigators (eINV).

In this field we first focus on content, but we also pay a lot of attention on format, layout and design.

It helps not being native-speakers: it prompts us to be extra careful and to invite expert review without hesitation.