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Monday, 22 January 2018
ACPS' Training and tutorials in Applied Clinical Pharmacology

Concern about the return on investment and tightening of the clinical development portfolios has led to a now quite obvious reduction in the workload for more scientific clinical pharmacology studies in the early clinical development of new medicinal products and formulations.

In addition, the predominant focus on formal quality (regulatory compliance), time- and cost-efficiency has led to a critical loss in content quality ("scientific excellence") in the management of such projects and services.

ACPS' Expertise on BABE-studies in the Russian Federation

New legal provisions for the marketing authorisation of multi-origin medicinal products ("generics") in the Russian Federation are now well in place since Sep.2010. One of the most important immediate implications is the need to conduct bioequivalence studies in Russia in accordance with the pertinent laws. directives and methodological standards. These provisions are different from the now more or less harmonised EU/US-regulatory framework.

Throughout 2011, ACPS has made an in-depth analysis of the resulting challenges and opportunities mainly from the perspective of western sponsors and applicants. We have prepared a summary and analysis of the resulting regulatory provisions and have visited several service providers (including investigational sites and laboratories).

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