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Wednesday, 21 February 2018
Making a difference

There are of course many CROs that provide similar services, but ACPS makes a tangible difference on several accounts:

  • Each ACPS' project is headed by an experienced senior scientist from A to Z and projects are not downgraded to "heads-down" project management once they are acquired.

  • ACPS does not favour nor does it have prejudice against using study facilities in specific regions, but it strongly advocates that a competent western involvement is needed to achieve the best possible outcome when using lower-cost, non-western opportunities.

  • We are a small organization with lean structures and therefore (still) can say "no" if we consider a proposal to be unethical or scientifically invalid.

  • We do not claim to know everything, but learn quickly and accept the challenge of any new technique or concept.

  • We operate with highly transparent cost structures. We do not try to tempt our Sponsors with apparently low fixed costs and then overcharging them with excessive pass-through costs.

  • We maintain excellent working relationships with many regulatory agencies. We do not claim to have "friends" at any agency to speed our applications through, but we advise our Sponsors how to optimize submissions in order to avoid delays and misunderstandings.

  • Our counsel is based on many years of hands-on-experience in early drug development. This means that we do understand the full implications of our advice also in terms of liability if the Sponsor were to take our involvement one step further.
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